Typeform's developer portal

I worked with Typeform’s developers and managers to document three APIs and one SDK.

Pleexy help documentation

I write Zendesk help docs to support Pleexy’s users.

Idea: Write for humans

Sometimes, I run across a document that makes me wonder who is supposed to use it. It doesn’t always seem like the answer is a human being.

Template for minimum API docs in Jekyll

I worked with API consultant James Higginbotham to create this fill-in-the-blanks template for minimum API documentation.

Example API docs in Whiteboard

This is example API documentation that I put together as I worked through Tom Johnson’s terrific course on documenting REST APIs.

Software user guides

I worked with another technical writer to create user guides for logging-while-drilling (LWD) software.

List: Alternatives to showy words

Do you ever roll your eyes at manuals?

Scientific writing articles

When I worked at BioScience Writers, I wrote articles to help researchers improve their scientific manuscripts and build rapport with potential clients.

Obits by Molly Ivins (a Jekyll blog hosted on GitHub Pages)

In 2016, I learned about Jekyll and spent a lot of time reading Molly Ivins.

Assembly manual for MRI logging magnet

For this project, I wrote assembly procedures using videos as source material.

Idea: Let's stop saying 'It's Simple!' in technical documents

Imagine you’re trying to use some new software.

Process map and office procedures

This document set is from a process improvement project.

Tutorial: Manually create a Markdown table of contents for your GitHub README

When I was learning Markdown, I practiced by reproducing a work sample that I originally created in Microsoft Word.

Offshore oil production handbook

This handbook was part of a technical editing project I completed for an offshore oil exploration and production company.

Work practices

For this project, I worked with subject matter experts (SMEs) in several states to create a manual with 90 work practices.