Typeform's developer portal

I worked with Typeform’s developers and managers to document three APIs and one SDK.


Typeform helps users create beautiful, conversational online forms. The Typeform platform includes APIs for creating and updating typeforms, programmatically retrieving typeform responses, and pushing responses to URLs and web apps, as well as an SDK for seamlessly embedding typeforms in websites and web apps. We needed to help developers quickly feel at home with Typeform’s platform and start using it to create customized solutions for their own teams.

The documentation I wrote covered authentication, API-specific capabilities and walkthroughs, troubleshooting and errors, Typeform proprietary concepts, and migrating from the previous platform. I also revised and reorganized the endpoint docs. I wrote most of the content in Markdown. The endpoints are in YAML (OpenAPI spec, aka Swagger). All files are hosted on GitHub.

The docs are deployed to a wonderful Gatsby site designed and built by Typeform’s talented designers and developers. Seriously, the site they put together is gorgeous: developer.typeform.com.

Check out this blog post by Jason Harmon, Typeform’s Chief Platform Officer, for details.

  • Git/GitHub
  • Markdown
  • OpenAPI (aka Swagger)
  • Postman
  • Snagit
  • Sublime Text
  • Terminal