Process map and office procedures

This document set is from a process improvement project.

We worked with a county government department to review and update their office processes and procedures. I was the editor on the project. Our deliverables were Microsoft Word source files, published as PDFs.

I always thought the project needed process map overviews to show roles, tasks, and handoffs. I also wanted to try MadCap Flare’s image map function. So I used to create a business process model and notation (BPMN) process map and export it as a PNG file. In Flare, I used the PNG process map to create an image map–clicking a task on the process map links to the Flare topic for the corresponding procedure. I also added custom CSS for the text in the topics.

The “Receive Correspondence,” “Retrieve and Scan Correspondence,” and “Read Correspondence and Draft Response” topics and the overview map are active. The other topics are wireframe templates.

  • MadCap Flare
  • Microsoft Word
  • Sublime Text