Offshore oil production handbook

This handbook was part of a technical editing project I completed for an offshore oil exploration and production company.

The documents were developed in Microsoft Word and published to the company SharePoint site. Later, I moved some of the content into Adobe FrameMaker for this work sample.

I substantially revised and formatted 120 procedures, policies, plans, guides, and handbooks. In some cases, I merged relevant content from sources like company emails and reports, then rewrote and refined the content to create a complete, organized document.

After my revisions, the documents were distributed for review, then came back to me to incorporate all comments. The company did not have a style guide, so I developed appropriate style standards and applied them to all documents.

Most of the documents were written for executive- and manager-level employees. However, the handbook excerpted in this work sample was available to all employees and contractors involved in well operations, from executives to floorhands.

This work sample includes my revised text for the first seven sections, with all company-specific and proprietary information removed. I replaced the text in sections 8 through 25 with lorem ipsum filler.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe FrameMaker